Discover what's new in authentication.

Build your software with BettyAUTH

BettyAUTH is the authentication platform designed to provide a great way securing your customers private data. Now developers can benefit from even better SDKs that offer more functionality combined with higher security in every project.

  • generateCreateCreate TANs with a single line of code. Security was never that easy.
  • manageManageUsers can manage all their accounts without an additional one. Right in the BettyAUTH app.
  • historyHistorySigning in via BettyAUTH creates an entry in the login history, so users have a better overview.

Built-in Cyber Defence

Bettysoft Cyber Defence is built into BettyAUTH. Every intrusion is directly blocked by the system, so it can never reach the API.

  • privatePrivateNo personal data from your users needed.
  • individualAdaptableIndividual customization via Management Console.
  • easyEasyEasy integration thanks to straightforward API.