In the Bettysoft Store.

Share your software with the world

The Bettysoft Store lets you share your software with the whole world. Simply upload your content and see people all around the world using it.

  • Create your product page Create great product pages for your content in different languages. Add a description so everybody gets a short explanation what your content offers to your customers.
  • Upload and manage content Upload your content and manage it in the Bettysoft Developer portal. As soon your content is reviewed, you can publish it in the Bettysoft Store.
  • Gain insights into your content View statistics of your content and optimise its product page to reach more customers worldwide.

Redesigned from scratch

With its new design and great new functionality the Bettysoft Store now offers an even better place to share your software with others.

  • localization More languages The Bettysoft Store is localised in more languages so you can reach more customers.
  • pages New product pages With its new product pages the Bettysoft Store presents content in a whole new way. Better than ever before.
  • rate Rate content Rate content to give feedback to developers.

One platform. Infinite possibilities.

With the all new Bettysoft - Developer platform you can upload your software to the Bettysoft Store and manage it after launch. All in one place. All super easy.

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